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Peruta v. County of San Diego - Update

The Peruta v. County of San Diego panel decision has been withdrawn by a decision to rehear the case en banc in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
New applicants, and those applicants currently in process, will be required to articulate their safety concerns and provide supporting documentation in accordance with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s (OCSD) Policy 218. Each application will be evaluated individually based on the merits of the applicant’s good cause statement and the totality of their circumstances.
CCW Licenses issued under the previous Peruta standard of good cause are lawful and will not be recalled. Current licensees may be required to provide supplemental information and documentation in support of their good cause statement when they attempt to renew their CCW license. All renewal applications are subject to the legal standards at the time of renewal.
Prospective applicants are encouraged to attend their scheduled appointments and submit their CCW applications for consideration. Licenses approved after Thursday, March 26, 2015, are subject to the good cause requirement in OCSD Policy 218.
Please be aware the application process includes an interview, fingerprinting, background checks, residency verification, successful completion of firearms training, and the payment of all related fees. Applicants may also be required to pass a psychological examination as part of the CCW application process in accordance with California Penal Code Section 26190(f)(1).

Mission Statement

The Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department is dedicated to providing the residents of Orange County with relevant and timely information regarding the services the department offers. This site is designed to give general information as well as specific requirements regarding applying for a carry concealed weapon (CCW) license from the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department.

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