CCW Requirements

California law requires concealed weapon license applicants to satisfy specific criteria prior to being considered for issuance of a license. The requirements are as follows:

  • Residency: All applicants must provide proof that they are a resident of the County of Orange.  Non-residents will be referred to the appropriate licensing agency.
  • Training: The applicant must complete and show current proof of attendance and a successful completion certificate from an Orange County Sheriff’s Department approved Concealed Carry Course containing modules on safety, the law, and the applicant’s ability to handle a firearm safely. The course will be 4 or 16 hours. The training should not be taken until preliminary approval for the CCW license is granted and the applicant’s fingerprints are taken.
  • Good Character: Applicants must attest to good character with respect to their ability to responsibly and safely carry and use a concealed weapon.
  • Good Cause: Applicants must establish that good cause exists to support a request for a license to carry a concealed weapon.  Criteria that may establish good cause include the following:
    • Specific evidence that there has been or is likely to be an attempt on the part of a second party to do great bodily harm to the applicant.
    • The nature of the business or occupation of the applicant is such that it is subject to high personal risk and / or criminal attack, far greater risk than the general population.
    • A task of the business or occupation of the applicant requires frequent transportation of large sums of money or other valuables and alternative protective measures or security cannot be employed.
    • When a business or occupation is of a high-risk nature and requires the applicant’s presence in a dangerous environment.
    • The occupation or business of the applicant is such that no means of protection, security or risk avoidance can mitigate the risk other than the carrying of a concealed firearm.
    • Personal protection is warranted to mitigate a threat to the applicant that the applicant is able to substantiate.

Note: These examples are not intended to be all-inclusive – they are provided merely for your reference. Also, state and local laws do not prohibit an adult from having a concealed weapon in their home or place of business. 

No resident has the right to a license, nor is the Sheriff required to issue a license. By law, the Sheriff has the discretion to approve or deny CCW license applications as well as revoke licenses that have already been issued.