Commissary Operations

Commissary Operations is a highly automated, profit-based unit with fiduciary responsibilities over inmate funds. The primary goal of Commissary Operations is to provide high quality products and services to those incarcerated in the Sheriff's jail facilities and secondly to provide funding to the Sheriff's Inmate Welfare Fund to support vocational and educational training programs. There are approximately 150 items available through Commissary Operations. Categories include: personal care (hygiene for hand and body); hair care; snacks, nuts and chips; beverages; candy; food items; stationery supplies; greeting cards; and gift certificates. Inmates are continually introduced to new items through the "Introductory" category. While any of these items may be ordered with sufficient funds, Welfare Packs (consisting of hygiene and stationery items) may be ordered by inmates having a balance of less than $2.00. Commissary Operations delivers these products to approximately 4,700 inmates confined in each of the four jail facilities. Inmates may order and receive regular commissary up to three times per week. Commissary Operations staff of civilian employees are responsible for processing approximately 396,000 annually, with annual sales in excess of $8.8 million dollars.