Inmate Re-Entry

The Inmate Re-Entry Unit was created to combat the continuing high recidivism rates that have been plaguing our state. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is taking a proactive role in changing the way we rehabilitate inmates by providing extensive in-custody programs and post release after care services. In-custody programs include individual assessments, pre-release planning classes, domestic violence classes, anger management classes, and pre-release planning sessions. Items discussed in the assessment include substance abuse history, education level, housing information, and employment history. Individual pre-release planning sessions are typically completed on inmates 30 days prior to their release. In these sessions all referrals and/or placements are finalized. Upon release, these formerly incarcerated individuals are encouraged to utilize the Unit’s Great Escape Resource Center. The Great Escape Resource Center provides resources to formerly incarcerated individuals who have participated in rehabilitative programs while in custody. Some of the resources offered at the Great Escape Resource Center include referrals to residential treatment programs, housing and shelter information, food and clothing referrals along with direct links to other community based providers. In 2007 over 9,500 inmates participated in Inmate Re-Entry in-custody services. Since the opening of the Great Escape Resource Center in January of 2007, over 1,200 formerly incarcerated individuals have visited the facility to obtain additional resources. It is our hope that by providing these services we will make our communities safer, lower recidivism rates, and bring families together.