Central Jail Complex


Captain Chris Wilson
Central Men's & Women's Jails

Captain Paul D'Auria
Intake/Release Center & Transportation

Mission Statement

The Orange County Central Jail Complex provides safe and secure facilities for the processing and housing of inmates in the Intake/Release Center, Central Men’s Jail, Central Women’s Jail and Transportation as directed by law. This is accomplished through the combined efforts of all employees assigned to the complex working as a cohesive unit. The safety and security of all persons inside each facility is of paramount importance and is accomplished without compromise.


The Central Jail Complex (CJX) consists of the Central Men’s Jail (CMJ), Central Women’s Jail (CWJ), Intake/Release Center (IRC), and Transportation Bureau. The two divisions and four bureaus that make up the CJX are inter-connected by a series of tunnels and corridors which make efficient movement between each facility possible.

Central Men's and Women's Jails

The Central Men’s and Central Women’s Jail opened in November of 1968 and are traditional linear style (cell block and dormitory) facilities which house both sentenced and pre-trial maximum security inmates. These buildings house over 1200 inmates.
This Division comes under the command of Captain Chris Wilson who oversees daily operations for over 200 dedicated men and women.

Intake/Release Center and Transportation Bureau

The Intake/Release Center (IRC) opened in January of 1988. The IRC is responsible for all processes that involve arrestees being booked and released. The Transportation Bureau is an integral part of the Orange County Jail system. This bureau’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, transporting inmates 365 days a year, 24hours a day to other OCSD facilities, court, work sites, hospitals, state prison, out of county jails and mutual aid response during major events. The transportation team utilize a variety of vehicles include buses, vans and cars to accomplish these tasks. They average over six hundred thousand (600,000) miles on the roads every year.

This Division comes under the command of Captain Paul D'Auria who oversees daily operations for over 400 dedicated men and women.