Intake Release Center (IRC)

The Intake Release Center (IRC) is one of three facilities in the Sheriff's Department Central Jail Complex (CJX) located in Santa Ana. The IRC is the entry point for all new arrestees brought into the Orange County Jail system. Inmates are screened for medical and mental health needs upon entry, booked, and then classified to determine appropriate housing. The booking process serves to correctly identify inmates through photographs and fingerprints while preparing them for housing assignments in one of the Sheriff's Department's multiple jail facilities. Approximately 66,000 arrestees are processed each year.

The IRC contains five maximum security housing modules holding male and female inmates. Inmates receive three meals a day, public and official visits, commissary, religious services, outdoor recreation, and dayroom activities. A myriad of educational and self-help classes to include a G.E.D certification program are also offered. The IRC serves as a focal point for transportation of CJX inmates to court and in-custody transfers to other law enforcement and correctional agencies to include state prison.

Public visiting occurs on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.