Community Work Program

The Community Work Program (CWP) was designed to save the County money, free up needed jail beds, and help maintain County facilities, beaches, and parks. Under California Penal Code section 4024.2, the Sheriff is allowed to release inmates who fit a certain criteria established by the Sheriff to perform work for the county in-lieu of their jail sentence. One ten hour day is equivalent to twenty-four hours in custody. CWP allows for additional bed space to be used by maximum security inmates instead of minimum. Furthermore it saves on the cost of medical services, feeding, and clothing of all inmates who participate on CWP.

CWP allows the inmate to go home at night and be with their family and loved ones. This is a great benefit to the inmate and the inmate’s family. CWP is on a voluntary basis. However, the inmate needs to know that CWP is also a privilege and he or she is still an inmate and is subject to certain rules and regulations while they are participating on CWP.

Eligibility for CWP would depend on, but not be limited to the following:

  • Sentence to county jail time
  • Sentenced to 150 days or less
  • No active warrants or holds
  • Physically fit to perform manual labor
  • Permanent Orange County residency
  • Transportation
  • Pay a $90.00 Administrative Fee
  • Inmates cannot be in custody on violent related charges, sex related charges

CWP benefits everyone involved. This program is very important to the Sheriff, the County of Orange, the tax-paying Citizens, and the inmates and their families. Questions regarding CWP should be directed to the CWP office.

Office Hours: 0530-1800 Hours Mon-Sun
(714) 935-6202
(714) 935-6203