ECB - Control One

Control One, the Coordinated Communications Center for the County of Orange joined the Sheriff's Department on July 1, 1995. The primary function of Control One is to provide communication service and teletype system to all law enforcement and public service agencies within the County. Control One is the “point of contact” for requesting law enforcement, fire service, paramedics and other resources required for any incident. Red Channel is used for pursuits, sigalerts and officer down (999) calls.


  • 5-Supervising Communication
  • Coordinators
  • 20-Communication Coordinators

Calls Handled For 2011

  • General Broadcasts-2,434 (1271)
  • Paramedic runs-50,686 (22,909)
  • Purple Channel-320,296 (74,472)
  • Red/Emergency Traffic-104 (268)
  • Sigalerts-1,046 (1474)