ECB - Dispatch

The Emergency Communications Bureau (ECB) is the Sheriff's Department radio dispatch center. Radio Dispatchers receive 9-1-1 and other calls from the public for Contract Cities and unincorporated county areas. They dispatch all calls for service, maintain two-way radio contact with Deputies in the field and coordinate radio communications with allied agencies. The Emergency Communications Bureau is maintained for twenty-four hour operations.

ECB Staff

1-Division Commander (Captain)

1-Bureau Commander (Lieutenant)
5-Patrol Watch Commanders (Lieutenants)

5-Supervising Radio Dispatchers
50-Radio Dispatchers
2-Centrex Operators

1- Facility Maintenance Specialist

2002 Calls For Service

  • 104,233 Incomming Phone Calls
  • 24,094 9-1-1 Phone Calls (including CHP transfers)

2011 Calls for Service 

(Calls have increased over 5 times the amount of calls from 2002)
  • 622,559 Incoming Telephone/Cell Phone Calls
  • 178,278 9-1-1 Phone Calls