Marijuana Summit 2015

This site is presented to provide those professionals in law enforcement, education, the judicial system, medical professionals and community outreach groups with the series of speakers who were an integral part of the Marijuana Summit presented on June 5, 2015, at the Orange County Rescue Mission located in Tustin.

Useful Links

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens
Project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana)
Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
Rocky Mountain HIDTA –

Tom J. Gorman
Rocky Mountain HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area)
“The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado: The Impact”

Dr. Michael Ritter
Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center
“The medical impact of high potency marijuana, an emergency department perspective”

Dr. Kevin Sabet
Co-Founder of Project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana)
“Reefer Sanity: What you need to know about marijuana now”

Judge Maria Hernandez
Presiding judge of the Juvenile Court Orange County
“Legal Haze”

Dr. Jorge Fred Galindo
A licensed psychotherapist
“The effects of marijuana on the developing brain”