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Authority & Quality Improvement Services Division

Quality Improvement Process

  • Collect and analyze data to measure against the goals, or prioritized areas of improvement that have been identified
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and decide which opportunities to pursue
  • Design and implement interventions to improve performance
  • Measure the effectiveness of the interventions


  • Monitoring of Service Delivery Capacity of the Mental Health Plan
  • Monitoring Accessibility of Services
  • Monitoring Beneficiary Satisfaction
  • Monitoring meaningful clinical issues affecting beneficiaries, including the safety and effectiveness of medication practices
  • Monitoring continuity and coordination of care with physical health care providers
  • Monitoring Consumer Complaints/Appeals
  • Monitoring Provider Appeals
  • Assisting Cultural Competency in gathering/analyzing information for performance outcome measures and consumer surveys relating to cultural issues
  • Collecting and analyzing aggregate data from performance outcome measures

Mission Statement

To promote and support the use of quality management principles to improve the quality and delivery of care provided by Behavioral Health Services.

To encourage continuous monitoring, modification and enhancement of beneficiary services throughout Behavioral Health Services.

To ensure program compliance with all Federal, State and Local regulations

Department Support

Authority & Quality Improvement Services (AQIS), formerly Quality Improvement and Program Compliance (QIPC), is a Behavioral Health Services (BHS) Division that participates in a variety of quality improvement and compliance activities across all divisions (Adult Mental Health Services, Children & Youth Services, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services) of BHS.

One of AQIS's responsibilities is assisting with implementation of BHS Quality Improvement (QI) plan after its approval by the California Department of Mental Health (DMH). DMH expects BHS to engage in continuous QI activities.

AQIS also has responsibility for implementing Performance Outcome Measures mandated by DMH and coordination of the annual DMH Medi-Cal audit.

The AQIS staff are committed to assisting and supporting each program, department and clinic in its quality improvement and compliance activities.

AQIS Staff



QIPC Division Manager David Horner
Psychologist II Jonathan Rich
Staff Specialist Joe Churchin
Staff Assistant Michelle Garcia
Staff Assistant Tina Sampson
Staff Assistant Roslyn Walton
Office Coordination
Admin. I Jeffrey Nottke
Systems Tech II Joseph Harrison
Staff Assistant Donna Nguyan
Staff Assistant Jeannine Vitug
Staff Assistant Haya Farooqui
EHR Team
Admin. I William Murray
Information Systems Tech. Janna Lessa
Adult Support Team
Admin. II Chi Rajalingam
Clinical Social Worker II Sharon Dobbs
Mental Health Specialist Bergit Englund Giri
Clinical Social Worker I Noemi Garcia-Mondragon
Clinical Social Worker II April Jannise
Marriage and Family Therapist II Patricia Kovars
Staff Assistant Sharon Hoang
Staff Assistant Kandee Tran
CYS Support Team
Admin. II Aida Sanchez-Nunez
Psychologist II Tim Hoang
Psychologist II Keith Howard
Clinical Social Worker II Cheryl Pitts
Clinical Social Worker II Christine Uyeno
Office Specialist Katherine Jenkins
Psychologist II Luis Arevalo
Psychologist II Mark Lum
Psychologist II Carl Kerckhoff
Psychologist II Selma Silva
Marriage and Family Therapist II BlancaRosa Craig
Office Specialist Nancy Hesketh
Admin. II Sheryl Curl
Service Chief I Kenneth Pickering
Research Analyst III Minh Ha Pham
Clinical Psychologist II Farzan Frouzandeh
Research Analyst IV Anthony Perera
Staff Specialist Benny Luna
Program Evaluation Specialist Negar Doroudian
Mental Health Worker II Hannah Ngo
HCA Program Supervisor I Nicole Ramirez
Staff Assistant Karla Amezquita
Information Processing Specialist Noshin Kohzad
Office Assistant Guadalupe Montoya
Office Technician Diane Chang
Office Specialist Christy Castiglione
Office Technician, Extra Help Alexandra Merritt
Office Technician, Extra Help Jhoey Baldeo
Psychology Intern - Ball Road Alexis Sutton
Psychology Intern - Ball Road Carmilla Seippel
Psychology Intern - Ball Road Denise Stephens
Psychology Intern - Ball Road Lorena Monserratt
Psychology Intern - Ball Road Nima Moayedi

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