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Employee Wellness

The County provides a variety of programs and resources to encourage and support employee wellness.

OC Healthy Steps: Annual Health and Wellness Program

The County of Orange wellness program, OC Healthy Steps, is designed to help you become aware of your risk factors and the key numbers that impact your health, as well as to identify what you can do to improve or maintain your health and give you other opportunities such as optional fitness challenges and reaources to reach your personal health goals. Click here for more information.

Optional Fitness Activity Challenges to Support your OC Healthy Steps Effort

10,000 Steps-a-Day Challenge

Join the "Just Walk 10,000 Steps-a-Day" Challenge and improve your fitness level or start the year off with a new fitness goal!  The program is sponsored by Cigna Healthcare and Cornerstone Fitness and is open to all County employees. Click here for more information.


Get Fit on Route 66

Sign up to add more activity to your life and virtually work your way along the legendary Route 66 highway. There is even a mobile app to make it easier to track your activity, get recipes or check out the attractions along the way. Click here for more information.

Our CEO is stepping up his own fitness and invites employees to join him.  He is launching a CEO's challenge as part of Get Fit on Route 66.  He will be hosting a monthly weekend and mid-week group activity at various County locations so employees can enjoy getting fit together.  If you register for Get Fit on Route 66 you will get weekly emails to let you know his location and progress.  The activities are open to all.  You can join him whether or not you sign up for Get Fit on Route 66.  For more information click here.