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Olinda Landfill

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 Welcome letter from Regional Landfill Manager, North Region, Kevin Kondru, P.E.

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Kevin KondruDear Visitor,
Welcome to the new Olinda Landfill web page. OC Waste & Recycling has created this web page as a resource for you. On this page you can get better acquainted with the landfill operations as well as the renewable energy facility at the Olinda Landfill. As a modern landfill, Olinda utilizes best management practices and technology available in the industry, and has a history of excellent operations and responsiveness to the community.  The landfill also received several awards from the industry.

The new webpage contains answers to frequently asked questions, as well as other resources related to landfill operations. We have all seen waste disposal practices evolve substantially over recent years. Much of the unwanted material households and businesses produce returns to productive use through recycling, composting and beneficial reuse. Still, it is necessary to landfill residual solid waste for which no recycling or reuse opportunities are currently available.

Landfills are among the most highly regulated industries. Control systems are in place to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, protecting air and water quality, along with operational safety. Safeguarding public health is a priority every day at Olinda Landfill. Whether by way of our award-winning operations or our community outreach activities, we aim to be good neighbors in the Brea and greater Orange County communities.

Please be assured that our commitment to the community is strong. I hope you will subscribe to this page to receive the latest news about Olinda Landfill. Also, you are welcome to contact OC Waste & Recycling Public Information Officer, Julie Chay at (714) 834-4059 or with any questions you may have.


Kevin H. Kondru, P.E.
Regional Landfill Manager
North Region Landfills

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 Project Highlights at Olinda
Front Slope Improvement Project                        September 2014 – November 2015

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