Deputy Assignments

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Air Support

duke Provides Helicopter response to locations of reported criminal activity as well as fire suppression services. As part of the Airborne Law Enforcement Services Unit, the aircraft and officers perform regionalized airborne services within the unincorporated areas and all cities in Orange County. Airborne law enforcement consists of Sheriff's Department, Costa Mesa Police Department, Huntington Beach Police Department and Newport Beach Police Department.

Bicycle Patrol

bike patrol The Sheriff's Bicycle Patrol deploys in all contract cities in South Orange County, as well as unincorporated areas of North and South County, Orange County Transit Authority, and special events. This highly successful detail is used for directed patrol, problem oriented policing, community events, and child safety programs. All deputies are required to complete the 24-hour P.O.S.T. approved Basic Bicycle Patrol course when assigned to the detail. For future training information, please call (949) 757-1905.

Canine Handler

K9 shawdow The Canine Unit is dedicated to enhancing the law enforcement services the Orange County Sheriff's Department provides to the community. Skilled and trained teams of deputies and canines are used to support all operations of the Sheriff's Department in the prevention of crime and the safe detection and apprehension of criminals. By employing police service canines to conduct searches in all areas for all types of persons and other items; the police service dog's keen senses benefit both the department and the community.

Commercial Traffic Enforcement

commercial enforcement Enforces commercial traffic laws in the contract cities of Orange County.


corrections The Sheriff's Department operates 5 County Jail facilities. Central Men's and Women's Jails are located at 550 N. Flower St. in Santa Ana (maximum security); Intake and Release Center is located at 550 N. Flower St. in Santa Ana (maximum security); Theo Lacy Jail is located at 501 City Drive South in Orange (medium security); Musick Facility is located at 13502 Musick St. in Irvine (minimum security).


Court Services The Sheriff's Department staffs seven County Court facilities, and is committed to protecting and serving the judiciary and the public with integrity and professionalism by ensuring a safe environment in the Superior Court of Orange County.  


harbor patrol The Harbor Patrol provides round-the-clock law enforcement, marine fire fighting and search/rescue services along the 42 miles of Orange County coastline, as well as within the county's three major harbors at Newport Beach, Sunset-Huntington Beach and Dana Point.


patrol unit Patrol provides 24 hour uniformed law enforcement patrol services for all Orange County unincorporated areas and the contract cities of Villa Park, Stanton, Dana Point, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, San Juan Capistrano and San Clemente.

Motorcycle Patrol

motorcycles The Motorcycle Patrol Unit provides service for traffic enforcement and collision investigation in the contract cities of Orange County. A 5-week pre-training course and a 2-week motorcycle training school with monthly training activities are required.

Mounted Enforcement

mounted patrol

mounted patrol
The Orange County Sheriff Department's Mounted Unit functions as an auxiliary, special assignment unit. Their peak season is between the months of March and September, however, they handle assignments all year long. The Mounted Enforcement Unit is assigned to work beaches and parks within the Sheriff's jurisdiction on all major holidays. Serving primarily as an enforcement unit, mounted personnel perform crowd control and security duties at special events such as the San Juan Capistrano Annual Swallows Day Parade and the Orange County Fair. The unit is called upon to augment patrol functions in contract cities and during the winter season the unit increases Law Enforcement presence while providing an excellent vantage point for potential problems in the parking lots of shopping malls. The Mounted Unit is often called upon to perform a public relations role at civic events within the Sheriff's jurisdiction, assist regular patrol personnel in high risk crime areas, search and rescue missions and provide security when dignitaries or high ranking officials are visiting our County. In addition, several members of the unit formed a Mounted Color Guard and they participate in community functions, funerals and other special events.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

SWAT on Duke

Today's Special Weapons and Tactics Team has evolved into a 31-man team in which members serve as a secondary assignment in addition to their regular duties. Potential candidates are subjected to a very rigorous and demanding department wide selection process. Team members are equipped with the most modern array of equipment, weaponry and tactics, from light mounted automatic weapons, infrared capable viewing cameras, ballistic entry vests to the foremost training available. The Special Weapons and Tactics Team has five vehicles under its control, one for the tactical deployment of manpower and the other for the transportation of equipment and team members. A third vehicle is scheduled for delivery and is designed to give team members ballistic protection in victim rescue scenarios. Scheduled training covers all aspects of expected and unexpected performance issues of a special weapons team to include physical fitness testing, team movement, building entries, hostage rescue, live fire scenarios, helo-insertion, officer-down drills and rappelling. The goal of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team is to bring volatile situations in the field to a safe and effective resolution.

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Gang Enforcement Team (G.E.T.)

Team members engage in street suppression activities through directed patrol, gathering of gang-related information, operate CAL/Gangs Statewide Computer System, support other agencies requesting assistance, and work with educators in early intervention programs. This unit works closely with other city police departments, Probation and District Attorney's Office in the detection, monitoring and suppression of gang activity by participating in T.A.R.G.E.T..

Directly responsible for the detection, investigation, analysis, deterrence, and arrest of all street level violators within the Sheriff's jurisdiction. Members of the unit conduct undercover operations, surveillance, and the collection of information from citizens as the foundation for its endeavors.


Directly responsible for the detection, investigation, analysis, deterrence, and arrest of all street level violators within the Sheriff's jurisdiction. Members of the unit conduct undercover operations, surveillance, and the collection of information from citizens as the foundation for its endeavors.

Regional Narcotics Suppression Program (R.N.S.P.)

This unit, though not an actual bureau or pision of the Department, is managed by the Special Investigations Captain who reports to an Executive Board of Chiefs of Police and the Sheriff on all matters of R.N.S.P. concern. The purpose of this organization is the identification and conviction of high-level drug traffickers and seizure of assets derived through drug trafficking. It also, by virtue of its existence, promotes a coordinated drug enforcement effort throughout the County, encouraging maximum cooperation between all law enforcement and prosecuting agencies.

Special Operations/Dignitary Protection/Intelligence

Tasked with the responsibility for identifying, investigating and prosecuting suspected vice offenders, maintaining a close working liaison with other agencies worldwide, and assessing the threat levels against and providing security for visiting dignitaries to Orange County.

Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (S.A.F.E.)

The S.A.F.E. Team is a Multi-Agency Task Force comprised of Special Agents and Investigators from the following agencies:

  • California Department of Correction and Parole
  • California Department of Justice
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
  • Los Angeles Police Department
  • Orange County Sheriff's Department
  • United States Customs Service
  • United States Postal Inspection Service

The main purpose of the Task force is to conduct proactive and reactive child sexual exploitation investigations of inpiduals throughout the Central District of California, which encompasses seven counties. The SAFE Team also conducts follow-up investigations upon the request of other agencies, regarding major cases concerning stranger child abductions or serial child homicides and serial sexual predators. The SAFE Team, under the direction of the FBI, is designed to provide a timely response to any request for assistance by a local law enforcement authority that a kidnapping situation is occurring. This response includes additional personnel, electronic and technical support, forensic assistance and family crisis intervention.

County Wide Law Enforcement Unsolved Element (C.L.U.E.)

It will be the resolve of the Orange County Sheriff's Department County Wide Law Enforcement Unsolved Element (CLUE) to pursue the investigation of homicides that are within our jurisdiction, and that have been left open, without definitive closure. Furthermore, CLUE will actively support any outside agency that requests our assistance on any unsolved murder. Assistance provided by CLUE will be rendered to the fullest measure possible by use of the resources that are available to the Orange County Sheriff's Department. CLUE will provide such assistance as is necessary to bring an investigation of an unsolved murder to a successful conclusion. CLUE will utilize all investigative means available, including, but not limited to the utilization of the most advanced scientific technology, the focused and allied efforts of multiple agencies, and the pursuit of all leads to an exhaustive end. CLUE will rely on knowledge, experience, and perseverance coupled with high standard of professionalism to meet the challenge of investigating unsolved homicides.

Sex Offender Notification and Registration Unit (S.O.N.A.R.)

The primary mission of the SONAR Unit of the Orange County Sheriff's Department is to identify, locate, maintain records and contact all registered sex offenders known to be residing in the Sheriff's jurisdiction. SONAR Investigations will work cooperatively with police agencies, other sheriff's departments, probation departments, parole agencies, district attorney's offices, and other law enforcement agencies to apprehend sex offenders who fail to comply with the provisions of the 290 laws. Prosecution of sex registrants in the Sheriff's jurisdiction who are not in compliance with the 290 laws will be the responsibility of the SONAR Unit. Preparation of cases for review by the Sheriff for public disclosure of sex registrant information will be initiated by the unit and submitted to the Sex Crime Unit Sergeant. The Sheriff's approval is required prior to the release of a flyer containing sex registrant information to the public.

The County of Orange Boiler Room Apprehension (C.O.B.R.A.) Task Force

COBRA is a multi-agency task force consisting of representatives from various federal, state, county, and municipal agencies and was formed to combat the pervasive telemarketing fraud that exists in the Orange County area. The following agencies are participating in the COBRA Task Force with the shared supervisory responsibilities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Orange County Sheriff's Department:

  • Anaheim Police Department
  • California department of Corporations
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Orange County District Attorney's Office
  • Orange County Sheriff's Department
  • United States Attorney's Office
  • United States Postal Inspection Service

Fraud & Check Detail

Investigates major white-collar crimes, including frauds, embezzlement, forgeries, computer crimes, as well as check and credit card offenses.

Homicide Detail

Investigates all murders, manslaughter (non-traffic related), questionable deaths, mayhem, kidnapping for ransom, as well as all criminal offenses committed within the correctional facilities under the control of the Sheriff. Also, responsible for the investigation of adult missing persons.

Sex Crimes Detail

Investigates rapes, other sexual assaults including child molest, child abuse, neglect, elder and dependant abuse cases and domestic violence.

Fugitive / Warrants Detail

Serves all warrants sent to the department from the courts for service, including traffic, misdemeanor, felony, and fugitive warrants. Also handles extradition and renditions to and from other states.

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